A house of photography

I am so honored when someone invites to be a part of their momentous life. We know how important these photographs will be for yours to come. We love capturing the spontaneous giggles and impromptu dances that inevitably make your wedding memorable.


  • The mood, character, quality, tone atmosphere etc. Particularity of an environment.
  • The special mood created by a particular environment, “The prior ambience is dominated by low key lighting, and deep shadow, creating feeling of disorientation, loneliness, and entrapment.
  • It is used in art writing as a term meaning “atmospheric effect of an arrangement”.
  • Ambience means that special feeling that unique atmosphere, surrounding a person or event.
  • BR photographers has a passion and experience to capture the ambience of your special day. He works with complete professionalism, behind the scenes, to brings a fresh, new look to wedding photography.
  • We capture unfolding events with a remarkable scene of timing and creating.