Real Moments

A house of photography

I am so honored when someone invites to be a part of their momentous life. We know how important these photographs will be for yours to come. We love capturing the spontaneous giggles and impromptu dances that inevitably make your wedding memorable.


  • You only have one chance to capture your special day.
  • B.R. Studio will capture all those Magical Moments, Emotions and Detail of your wedding day with quality pictures.
  • Moments that will last forever…………………….
  • Your cherished Moments will be forever captured.
  • Our style of Photograph excels at capturing the natural and Candid Moments of your wedding day along with artistic and style poses.
  • Wedding photograph is our way of telling your love story. We take pleasure in witnessing your very special event and capture all the memories of the day into beautiful and long lasting photograph.
  • We are passport ready available for assignment world wide.